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The First Dance {out 22 March 2018}

To find what she has lost, she must go back to
the beginning..

Why did you ask me to marry you when you knew I wanted to leave? Alexa whispered.
Why did you make me do that to you? But Harvey kept walking over the headland
towards her, shimmering and blurred by her tears. She picked up her suitcase.
You only did it to make me stay.


Map of Stars

Secrets, lies and espionage… can love survive the turmoil of war?

‘Eliza’s present shifted bluntly to the past, to the time when she had been loved deeply, passionately, utterly. To that dangerous, glorious time when guilt and desire had caught her in chains of equal length. She was told never to speak of it.’


The Flower Book

A message of love from the Trenches

‘The sketch by her father was in brown ink, dashed off hurriedly, Aster guessed, between roll call and stand-to. At the bottom was his signature and one simple word, Hope. My name means Hope, Aster thought. I am Hope. The drawing was a portrait of a little girl.’


The September Garden

Amid the terrors of war, one girl finds a place to hide her secrets

My little boy, I promised I’d never leave you again. Not ever. Not until I die. Nell got up and walked away from the unmarked grave, glancing back just once over her shoulder. I will be home soon.’


A Season of Leaves  {ebook The Secret Letters}

A secret kept for a lifetime – a love that never died

‘Rose knew Krystof would speak to her again one day; she knew he’d let her know, somehow. In her hands were his letters to her: unread, unknown, unearthed forty-six years after she had last seen his face…’


The Secret Letters is the e-edition of A Season of Leaves

The Secret Letters is the ebook of A Season of Leaves


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