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What they’re saying….

‘I just wanted to tell you how wonderful your books have been. A delightful treat.’ Claire Rowsell, via email

Map of Stars

‘Map of Stars is an emotional story about what it feels like to lose, to love and to hold on no matter what happens. Catherine Law’s fabulous writing style and choice of words make this book very special. I absolutely loved this novel and highly recommend it. It’s a true gem and it’s one of the best books I’ve read in a long time.’
Suze Lavender, Amazon

‘This book has everything that a reader could want. A touch of forbidden love mixed with thrilling wartime espionage and secret codes, this is more than just a romance story and will therefore enthral readers who like a bit of romance but also like some mystery and intrigue.’ E Thomas, Amazon

‘Lovely story written with knowledge and feeling.’ Mrs V Pinches, Amazon

‘Possibly the best book I’ve read this year. Lovely emotional and absorbing story. Can’t recommend it enough.’ Mrs G, Amazon

The Flower Book

‘Such an enthralling and involving epic of a book. The author’s descriptive talents are amazing.’  RJ Troll, Amazon

‘I can’t even begin to describe the joys of [Catherine Law’s] prose with its delightful evocative descriptions of the glorious countryside which clash vividly with the harsh scenes of the battlefields, the barbarism and destruction of World War 1.’  Mrs MJ Powling, Amazon

‘The way the meaning of flowers is woven throughout the book is truly delightful. I recommend The Flower Book to all lovers of romance.’  Miriam Smith, Amazon

‘I galloped through this book, deeply involved with the story, I cared about the characters and loved atmosphere it evoked.’  Zana Bull, Amazon

The September Garden

The September Garden is a vivid, compelling and emotional tale of love, duty, family and war that will enchant and enthrall fans of Elizabeth Jane Howard’s Cazalet Chronicles,’ Julie Bonello, Single Titles

‘…a beautifully written story of love and loss… an unusual family dynamic that isn’t often explored in fiction and gives the story a fresh edge.’ Lotte Worth, GoodReads

‘A beautifully written romance set against a well-researched backdrop of German occupation, collaboration, rationing and family rivalry.’ K Clarke, Amazon

‘I so enjoyed reading this book. It kept me up reading late into the night!’ Chrissie, Amazon

‘An endearing story of love in a time of war.’ Mrs MG Powling, Amazon

‘I really enjoyed the setting of the book (England and France) and Catherine really succeeds in evoking the atmosphere of the era (the war years). There is much to commend here.’ Leafy, Amazon

A Season of Leaves/The Secret Letters (ebook version)

‘Emotional rollercoaster. I would recommend this novel if you enjoy a romantic war-time read. I would also recommend this for book clubs as there are some great themes of loyalty, loss and love throughout.’
NickiMags, Amazon

‘A beautiful moving story and I was gripped. I loved it.’ K E Whittard, Amazon

‘One of my books of the year… I just couldn’t put it down.’ Annie, GoodReads

‘A great story following the lives of Rose and Krystof , the heartbreaking decisions they had to make and the problems in post-war Czechoslovakia – definitely a book I couldn’t put down!’ Miss S A Coles, Amazon

‘The passages set in Prague are vividly depicted and chilling. An all-round good read.’ Leanne Hunt, GoodReads

‘A story of love, drama, tragedy and sacrifice. The prologue of The Secret Letters immediately drew me in. I had already been very tempted by the blurb – any story combining undiscovered letters that have been hidden, unopened for nearly 50 years and a setting of the Second World War suggests a great historical drama of romance, tragedy and survival. And Law does not disappoint.’ Katherine Sunderland, Amazon

‘Romantic, heart-wrenching tale of wartime love.’ LH Healy, Amazon

‘A great story full of suspense and drama as well as romance… leaves you thinking about the outcome and Rose Pepper’s life for days afterwards.’ Elizabeth, Amazon

‘Even if you have never read a romantic novel or indeed never intended to, read this one. You won’t regret it.’
RJ Troll, Amazon

‘What a gem of a book.’ Annya, Waterstones