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The First Dance

The first danceTo find what she has lost, she must go back to the beginning…

1924… The Great War is over and Alexa is growing up on the idyllic Cornish coast with her best friend Harvey. But she soon discovers there are secrets at the heart of her family that have been hidden for years.

1931… Still reeling from the past and desperate for adventure, Alexa flees Cornwall and travels to the intoxicating city of Venice. But her new glamorous life is not what she hoped for and, with dark shadows closing in, Alexa will question everything she thought she wanted…

The First Dance is available on Amazon in paperback and ebook
Publisher: Zaffre ISBN 978-1-78576-051-8



  • As Alexa crosses to Venice from Lido a huge storm moves in, threatening to capsize the traghetto she is travelling on...
  • Alexa goes to Venice in search of her grandmother, and to unearth the secrets that have been buried for so long...    {L'Orient Express Stretched Canvas Print by Luke Stockdale at}
  • 1931: Alexa travels in style to Venice, as companion to Lady Meredith, aboard the Orient Express...
  • Alexa is stuck at the grand hotel on Lido with Lady Meredith, until Guy Moreland arrives unexpectedly...   {Vintage poster by Filippo Romoli circa 1930}
  • Carlotta, Alexa's Venetian mother, had a button box, containing buttons from every dress, coat and costume she'd had since she was a little girl...
  • Alexa heads across the lagoon from Lido to Venice as the storm breaks...  {La Gondola, 1930s Postcard}
  • Little Porthdeen, the tiny fishing village close to Alexa's home on the tip of the Cornish peninsula, 'at the ends of the earth'...  {Winter Harbour, by Richard Tuff}
  • Cadogan Square, where Lady Meredith has her grand mansion. Here, Alexa meets Meredith's nephew Guy, and her life is changed...  {vintage postcard}
  • The water door, entrance to Alexa's grandmother Beatrice's palazzo on the Grand Canal...
  • Alexa and Harvey have their first dance...   {vintage poster}
  • Another view of Little Porthdeen...  {British Railways poster}
  • Alexa's Venice...   {vintage travel poster, Vittorio Grassi, circa 1920}