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A Season Of Leaves

  • 'POLPERRO HARBOUR': art print of Great Western Railway travel poster in the…
  • Old photo of Old Smugglers Cottage 1924, Polperro
  • The cover for the e-edition, renamed The Secret Letters. When she opens the letters, lying hidden for over forty years, will Rose find out at long last what happened to Krystof...?
  • The cover of the paperback edition, showing Rose saying goodbye to Krystof at Prague station... will she ever see him again?
  • Inspirational autumnal picture
  • St. Andrew`s Church Plymouth on the night of March 21st 1941 - the night of the Plymouth Blitz.
  • Land Girl
  • Land girls
  • Wartime memoir of a Land girl.
  • Prague streets
  • Prague
  • Prague
  • Charles Bridge in Prague
  • Beautiful artwork for the original hardback cover

The September Garden

  • Brick and flint houses, typical of the Chilterns where The September Garden is set...
  • Nell wandered inside the walled garden that had been named by her father for the end-of-summer flowers inside... credit: iStock
  • Barfleur, Normandy.
  • Newspaper announcing declaration of the Second World War, September 3, 1939
  • Paul Nash - Battle of Britain.
  • The stables at the back of the Orlande house... once home to demi-sang Ullis and demi-sang Tatillon - the 'ghost horses'. (I took this photo at the hotel I stayed at in Valognes, Normandy)
  • Sylvie's home in 'Montfleur'
  • Moss and mushrooms - Steve Axford
  • Southern England: Spitfires attacking Flying Bombs 1944, by Thomas Monnington. (Image: Persephone Post/Imperial War Museum.)
  • Charles Mahoney The Garden 1950
  • Chilterns by John Nash. Unused London Transport poster design.
  • The paperback cover... published 26 August 2013

The Flower Book

  • Stand To Before Dawn, c.1918, by John Nash.; The British war artist John Nash served with the Artists Rifles on the Western Front. This drawing depicts men at stand to, one of the key events in the daily routine of the front line. Infantry manned the front line in anticipation of a possible enemy attack or raid. Whilst this was a routine associated with the possibility of such activity in the murky light conditions of dawn and dusk, it also became one of discipline and alertness.
  • Lansallos Beach, near Polperro, Cornwall
  • The Flower Book is published on 26 August 2013
  • Cornwall Landscape and Cottage
  • On this day in 1914, from the Imperial War Museum. Britain War (Art.IWM PST 13006)
  • From the Artist's Window Robert Bevan. Camden Town Group
  • spring
  • Cardinham Woods Cornwall
  • British soldiers go over top of trench in the Battle of Somme 1916
  • Modernity and metropolis (The Camden Town Group in Context) | Tate. Charles Ginner
  • The Language of Flowers by Robert Tyas
  • A Cornish cove
  • A boxful of my new novel arrives!
  • The back cover of The Flower Book

Map Of Stars

  • Map of Stars back cover
  • The paperback cover
  • Map of Kent and France. You can see the coast of Calais from Dover...
  • Oast houses and spring blossom, from a London Transport Railway poster
  • Vintage railway poster
  • 'The Moon' by Alphonse Mucha 'Only shows one face'
  • River Stour at Wickhambreaux, near Canterbury, Kent
  • Evelyn Dunbar (Second World War artist): Section Officer Austen, Women's Auxiliary Air Force Meteorologist 1944.
  • 'Corporal Stediford’s Mobile Pigeon Loft' by Eric Ravilious.  (During World War Two, thousands of lives were saved by pigeons flying home bearing the co-ordinates of a crash site, and every bomber crew carried one).
  • Crews of No 137 Squadron RAF pose with a mascot in front of their Whirlwind Mk I fighter bombers at RAF Manston early in 1943. The aircraft entered service with the squadron in September 1941. Only two squadrons were equipped with its twin-engined layout during World War II, and despite successful use in the ground attack role with a highly durable bombing platform it was withdrawn from service with the squadron in June 1943.
  • The Night Sky, a Ladybird Book, published in 1965 with illustrations by Robert Ayton.
  • 'The Moon and Stars' series by Alphonse Mucha.  From left, 'Morning Star' (bringer of light), 'Evening Star' (herald of darkness), 'The Moon' (only shows one face), 'The Pole Star' (fixed, unmovable point).
  • Map of Kent
  • Deal sea front