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A Season Of Leaves {ebook, The Secret Letters}

Season Of Leaves - Charles BridgeA secret kept for a lifetime – a love that never died

In the chaos and darkness of war, the unimaginable can happen…

A bundle of unopened letters from Rose Pepper’s Czech lover Krystof – discovered in her old age – lead her and her daughters to Prague, and the truth that is buried there.

Rose’s extraordinary story, following her heart and the love of her life, takes her from the bombed-out rubble of Plymouth in World War II, to a farm on the windswept cliffs of Cornwall and then to post-war Prague, seething with spies and informers. But on her journey lies danger and betrayal, while awaiting her in England, with terrible patience, is the cold, controlling man she married.

Could going back and reliving the pain of lost love and its devastating aftermath be too much for Rose to bear? And dare she open Krystof’s crumbling letters and come face to face with what happened to him?


The Real Ginge
Catherine’s first novel is based on the true story of what happened to her great-auntie Ginge during the Second World War.


A Season of Leaves
is out in paperback and audio book.
The ebook has been re-titled The Secret Letters, available for e-readers.


The Secret Letters is the e-edition of A Season of Leaves

The Secret Letters is the ebook of A Season of Leaves


Publisher: Preface Publishing (4 Jun 2009) ISBN-10: 1848090986 ISBN-13: 978-1848090989

What they’re saying about A Season of Leaves/The Secret Letters…

‘Emotional rollercoaster. I would recommend this novel if you enjoy a romantic war-time read. I would also recommend this for book clubs as there are some great themes of loyalty, loss and love throughout.’
NickiMags, Amazon

‘A beautiful moving story and I was gripped. I loved it.’ K E Whittard, Amazon

‘One of my books of the year… I just couldn’t put it down.’ Annie, GoodReads

‘A great story following the lives of Rose and Krystof , the heartbreaking decisions they had to make and the problems in post-war Czechoslovakia – definitely a book I couldn’t put down!’ Miss S A Coles, Amazon

‘The passages set in Prague are vividly depicted and chilling. An all-round good read.’ Leanne Hunt, GoodReads

‘A great story full of suspense, drama and romance.’ Customer review,

‘A vivid and haunting novel.’ Vulpes Libres.wordpress.

‘An engrossing, lovely, romantic yet tragic and heart-breaking novel.’ Customer review,



  • 'POLPERRO HARBOUR': art print of Great Western Railway travel poster in the…
  • Old photo of Old Smugglers Cottage 1924, Polperro
  • The cover for the e-edition, renamed The Secret Letters. When she opens the letters, lying hidden for over forty years, will Rose find out at long last what happened to Krystof...?
  • The cover of the paperback edition, showing Rose saying goodbye to Krystof at Prague station... will she ever see him again?
  • Inspirational autumnal picture
  • St. Andrew`s Church Plymouth on the night of March 21st 1941 - the night of the Plymouth Blitz.
  • Land Girl
  • Land girls
  • Wartime memoir of a Land girl.
  • Prague streets
  • Prague
  • Prague
  • Charles Bridge in Prague
  • Beautiful artwork for the original hardback cover